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All the equipment described on this site is designed for the production of English style real ale. Plant for other styles of beer and lager can be manufactured, but the specifications of such plant must be discussed at length with us before a firm price and installation details can be made. The styles of beer encompassed within English style real ale range from milds through bitters, IPAs, Porters and stouts to barley wines.

Our New Brewery in Salford

Our New Brewery in Salford.

We follow some key business philosophies with regard to brewery installations; these will help you understand the way we run the operation.

  • Quality beers are brewed by the skill of the brewer and the quality of the raw ingredients, not by how much is spent on the plant.
  • We are not scared to tell you on this site how much your future brewery is going to cost you. What you see is what you will get. The only additions to the prices listed here are VAT (for UK customers), delivery costs, a charge for travelling time and overnight accommodation (usually only two nights) if applicable. You can of course add as much or as little to the installations as you want (see Optional Extras), but most additions are usually aesthetic (towards show piece) or little add-ons to make the brewing process even easier. The prices listed here will be held for contracts made before 31st July 2017.
  • Brewing beer is really quite a simple process, we provide simple solutions to difficult problems with completely balanced, made to order breweries. We refuse to add any unnecessary pieces of equipment to complicate or over engineer the process. However we do believe in making the equipment as efficient in the use of your resources as possible. Consumption of your time, energy and water are vital in the design of the breweries we supply. By not using any secondhand equipment we do not make compromises to the overall success and efficiency of the installations
  • Our breweries do not use decoction mashing techniques or Lauter Tuns. Our standard breweries do not come with uni-tank style vesseles or fermentors that will hold pressure. This is because brewing quality English style real ale at warmer tempratures with well modified quality malt, a good level of skill and a good top fermenting yeast, does not need these add-ons.


Don't be under any delusion
The best beers are brewed by infusion
Maximisation of extract should not be the aim
Leave decoction to those with no shame
DA Porter

"I truly don't think there is a beer that cannot be brewed using an infusion system"
Charlie Bramforth, Professor
Deparpment of food science and technology, University of California Davis

Having Problems with Your Current Plant or Beer Quality?

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