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Why Choose Us?

We have the ability and experience to source every nut, washer, valve, elbow, liner, vessel, pump, heat exchanger, gasket, fitting etc. from all over the world at the best possible prices. We have the purchasing power to deal with the biggest manufacturers to get the best service. Many of the items we use on our breweries are specifically made by the manufacturers to our specification. All stainless steel vessels and component parts are made individually to our exacting specifications and to site requirements so they fit.

We have the experience and the ability to pull all these component parts into a brewery so they operate in an engineered, cohesive, efficient and sensible manner, having installed over 350 breweries worldwide including over 70 aboard. Our equipment and installation techniques have evolved to be second to none. No two jobs are the same and no one in the world has the level of experience that our team has when it comes to installing breweries.

We are also passionate about beer. At heart we are Brewers and brewing is our passion so we will help you design your first beer to your specification (providing we can get hold of the best materials) and brew it with you on your plant. Sharing with you our vast experience of bringing new successful breweries to market.

We will provide you with our training DVD so that you can get a good insight into how to use equipment before we even get there. You can also take our four (or five) day training course to also give you a better insight and security to be a better Brewer.

We will guarantee all the equipment we install and should (in the unlikely event) something go wrong, we have dedicated people to help you with after sales service, additional equipment and warranty issues.

And finally (and most importantly) if you have a problem with your beer (trust me we’ve heard it all before) we will do our damnedest to make sure you sort your problem out (we make sure that mistakes are not made again) and get you back on track producing the consistency and quality beer that is demanded in the current market.